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Remy vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

In the hair extensions industry, there has always been a huge debate as to whether human or synthetic hair extensions are the best option when it comes to both customer satisfaction and comfort with the price involved. Ideally human hair extensions are the superior of the two, as they are the closest to looking natural and “in place”. However, there are several other influences on which of the hair extension types is better, which will be thoroughly assessed in this article.

The first and foremost problem that customers look for in the products that they buy is the price. If the trade-off for a product does not weigh up, those that are extortionately priced will not be as desirable to clients. However, in terms of value for money over time human hair extensions are arguably better. Synthetic hair extensions are usually clip-ons, leading to poor attachments and a rather unnatural feel to ones head of hair. This means that they will have to be replaced extremely often to make them look as real as possible. However, Remy hair extensions, and in particular the Cinderella hair extensions available at the Tan and Beauty Salon are more durable, lasting for anything up to 2 years with the appropriate care and check-ups. Although at first sight human hair extensions can seem expensive to implement, they are much more reasonably priced to maintain.

In addition to this, synthetic hair extensions are the product of plant fibres, which are not very resilient to sudden changes. This means that fake hair extensions have little to no styling potential, making for a very mundane head of hair. This means that there can be no straightening or curling of the hair once it has been implemented, due to the fact that excessive heat can cause the hair to burn or break away. This is coupled with an inability to withstand colouring of any kind. Remy hair extensions, however, can be abused in any which way possible, and are resilient to almost every kind of hair colouring product besides some strong bleaches. As it is the customers own head of hair, we enjoy giving clients the ability to customise their look to suit their own needs.

Finally, human hair extensions are by far the better option when it comes to lengthening and volumising hair, as unlike their clip-on counterparts they are attached using a pre-bonding method. This results in a good attachment without any gluing, as well as layering the hair to give it an unmatched volume. After being washed, the hair will also appear to flow more naturally.

Some consider human hair extensions to be unethical, as much of the hair is acquired from Sikh women in the temples of India. However, this could not be further from the truth, as these women dedicate their lives to their faith by sacrificing this hair to their god Vishnu, in order to pray for a prosperous life. Hair extension companies merely harvest this already cut hair for commercial use, and will additionally reimburse anybody who carries out the practice. In other words, not only are we providing a premium service for our customer base, we are also providing poor families with a reward for their devotion.

If you are interested in having some Remy extensions implemented, or would like a free consultation to discuss the concept, you can call our Ruislip-based practice on 01895 621234, or fill in an enquiry form here.

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