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Are all overweight people lazy?


It is the common view of most people in the UK and all over the world that people who have excess fat or are overweight are just lazy and do not make an effort to look after their bodies properly, and this is not that surprising of an allegation, as it is true that some members of the public have the time to lose weight and do not put the effort into doing so and as a result will become overweight or more so than if they looked after themselves. Overweightness is a huge problem in the UK with over 50% of the population being considered over the average weight, which is a frightening number since fitness facilities and healthy food are available everywhere. Unfortunately we are creatures of habit, and in this generation the younger community is focused around convenience and also the online community. 10+ years ago people were much more willing to go out and be active with their friends in the evenings with activities, whereas nowadays our lives are focused around computers, the media and also a lot of convenience/junk foods so that we don’t have to lift a finger in terms of putting effort into anything.

However, there are some members of the public who would like to lose weight but have genuine things that get in the way and stop them from doing so. Many see this as a poor excuse, but given the reasons produced they are very viable and good reason for not being able to manage to make it out to exercise or eat more healthily. This article will go into great detail defining why some people can’t take the time out of their day to lose weight, and also will identify the ways in which this problem can be remedied and so that those who honestly desire weight loss and fat reduction can fit it around their everyday lives without any additional hassle.

Busy work lives/evenings

I know it may be considered a relatively poor excuse but hear me out on this one. I know that there are many people who will use this as a way of saying that they don’t have time to exercise when they actually do, and I completely agree, some will make every effort to put off the idea of losing weight through the hassle of going to the gym. However, I know full well that there are some out there who genuinely can’t put the time into doing so.

For instance, some businesswomen/men are known to work ungodly hours every single day to make ends meet, some stretching to as much as 12-15 hours a day depending on their situation. Although it may seem like people with 8 hour working days can fit in gym time into their evenings it can be quite difficult at times. For instance, commuters who have to travel 2-3 hours each way to get into work and get home every day are left with only a couple of hours each evening to themselves to do whatever activities they need to. Weighing up housework and any additional work that they need to do outside of working hours can be a task in itself, leaving no spare time as it is. Fitting in even an hour at the gym can be quite tricky and does not bode well with most, leaving quite a predicament when working out time that they can go. Fitting in sessions at the weekend can be possible, but should not be necessary and eats into the only spare time that some people have. I sympathise completely with people who want to have a relaxing weekend at home after a long week at work to keep their sanity, and so I don’t think that people can be blamed for this. Even if somebody musters the enthusiasm to go to the gym at the weekend, this only adds up to two sessions a week which for most isn’t enough to make a significant enough difference or impact on ones weight. When spare time is hard to come by the only real way in which the community can look to lose weight is through certain exercise machines at home, which will not yield anywhere near as much benefit when compared to something like a gym, sports facility or a cardiovascular exercise such as jogging.

Furthermore, those that do have a couple of hours of extra spare time in the evenings with demanding jobs need their spare time to keep their sanity and remain afloat. Stressful positions in offices as well as work on-the-go means that spare time are hard to come by due to sometimes also having to work slightly out of hours. This time in the evenings should be spend recharging in order to be ready for work again the next day, and taking it up by having to go out and exercise can cause stress levels to become too high for a person to work or function effectively. Without time to relax in the evenings many of us would get very depressed to have to go back to work the next day, reducing productivity and happiness for that individual. For this reason the gym is usually off the cards for businesspeople, and in comparison to the prospect of having a sit down to relax at home it is easy to see why it is not appealing. The same can be said for healthy eating for both parties, as people who are on-the-go will often not have the time or strength to put aside to produce a tasty and healthy evening meal and will often trade out for convenience foods such as oven pizza and chips as well as takeaway meals if so inclined to do so. I appreciate how important it is to avoid stress and can therefore see why some people find it harder to lose weight, as cutting out on food in a stressful environment would be the equivalent of someone quitting smoking in a similar environment which is said to be near impossible without incredible discipline and willpower.

Young Children/school kids

Another extremely influential factor on ones ability to put time aside in the day for certain tasks is that of having young and middle-aged children. This may not seem like much of a constraint to those who don’t have kids, but for parents who have one or several children the idea of having spare time or doing anything for you goes completely out the window. This is true with both younger kids who need a stay-at-home parent and those that work and have to look after their kids in the evenings after work.

Children are not only mischievous and hard to keep up with; they are also extremely unpredictable which makes slotting in time to go to the gym very difficult not just from time to time but every single day. One thing leads to another with this, and before you know it’s 10pm and all the kids are in bed: not exactly the ideal time to go to the gym and work out when you yourself have to be up at 6-7am to look after them again, as well as dealing with any troubles that they may have sleeping and suchlike.

Having smaller children and having to stay at home and be a housewife/husband is a massive challenge. As you cannot leave your children alone at any time during the day due to safety issues as well as the natural disasters that will incur every single day, it is impossible to get to the gym during the daytime even if you wanted to and this adds up to be a massive inconvenience in the long run, despite the fact that obviously you would prefer to be home with your kids anyway.

You may think that the “shift change” in the evenings from one parent to the other could solve this issue, but it is important to remember that the other half of the house person has also been at work for the entire day, and equally is probably exhausted and unwilling to invest much time into looking after the kids alone in the evening. This usually becomes a joint effort to keep the children entertained and tire them out before sending them off to bed, which once again eats up a lot of time in which there would have been potential to go to the gym. It is not fair on either parent to have them look after their children alone in the evening after a long day, and so often parents have to give up a huge part of their lives to make everybody happy, which whilst being part of the package of having children can still be considered quite depressing in that once again spare time is very limited, making it near impossible to both exercise and lose weight efficiently.

A similar issue comes into place is mealtimes, where cooking two separate meals between family members to keep up a healthy diet can be an issue. Depending on the diet that your kids eat this could pose as a big issue, and so most will fall into the lull of convenience once again. As with working members of the public this is to keep stress levels to an absolute minimum and so I empathise completely with this idea of lack of spare time.

Is there an easier way of losing weight?

There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel with regards to being able to fit a fat reduction session into a busy lifestyle without many issues, and it is one of our core and best treatments at the Tan and Beauty Salon: it is that of 3D lipo. This revolutionary new liposuction technique is taking the world by storm, and is considered in every way superior to the other alternative which is liposuction surgery, of which many people cannot afford and do not want to have because of the after-effects and general garishness of the procedure.

The reason that 3D lipo shines above all others as a viable form of liposuction stems from the fact that the treatment is 100% non-invasive and does not cause any disruption whatsoever to the body of the patient who is undergoing the treatment. One of the biggest put-offs of liposuction surgery is the fact that it results in a lot of permanent problems such as scarring and a non long-term solution, whereas 3D liposuction consists of several treatments over an extended period of time to yield gradual results, as well as not having any damage on the body whatsoever.

Another benefit of 3D lipo vs. other treatments is the fact that it quite literally disintegrates fat cells and therefore does the same job as liposuction in a safer environment (although in surgery the fat is sucked out rather than destroyed completely). This makes 3D lipo better than another alternative treatment known as the Diode Laser Treatment, which involves breaking down the fat cells into a more manageable form to be then followed up by rigorous exercise. Once again this is time consuming and additional effort for the customer, which is both not ideal and precisely what the previously mentioned parties are trying to avoid. 3D lipo is a monthly treatment that will only take up around an hour of your time with guaranteed results, and so those who have bustly lifestyles will easily be able to find the time to come to have a 3D lipo treatment completed and make their dreams of having fat reduced and losing weight become a very real prospect and goal.

At the Tan and Beauty Salon we pride ourselves in the quality of our 3D lipo treatments and the professionalism of our employees. We will not be matched on the service that we give, so make sure that you consider us for the miracle treatment to excessive fat that allows you to still have a social life and spare time on your hands. To find out more spool through the rest of our website, or if you are already convinced that we have the tools required to get you to your end goal you can call us on 01895 621 234 or fill in an appointment booking/enquiry form here and our friendly sales team would be very happy to assist you in finding your potential in terms of being able to lose weight. We anticipate your call in advance and will hear from you very shortly.

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