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Non-Surgical Liposuction

In this day and age, surgery in liposuction is no longer a necessity. Gone is the archaic and arduous process of having fat manually removed by going “under the knife”, and in come the much more modern non-surgical methods of fat reduction. These treatments are taking the health and beauty industry by storm, as the idea of having regular liposuction surgery is daunting to most.

This is purely because of the fact that non-surgical liposuction is superior to regular lipo in almost every way. Firstly, despite being a safer and more effective treatment non-surgical lipo techniques are actually a lot cheaper than regular liposuction. This is because of the fact that a surgical liposuction requires several specialised surgeons to carry out the procedure. There is also a need for anaesthetic, as well as the equipment used to drain the fat from the body. All of this adds up to a surgery that will indefinitely cost the patient thousands of pounds and will not even necessarily be the best treatment.

Another disadvantage of surgery that makes it inferior to non-surgical liposuction is quite obviously the fact that surgery can be quite dangerous and is not preferable compared to other methods. There are always going to be risks involved with invasive procedures, as well as quite devastating after-effects. One incorrect cut could result in a severed artery and several health risks. Furthermore, these sorts of surgeries give the client permanent scarring, and so they have to live with the repercussions of having such a procedure carried out rather than just using a more cost-efficient, safe method such as 3D lipo.

The final problem with liposuction surgery vs. other methods is that it can cause significant trauma for the patient involved. As general anaesthetic is not usually administered unless requested, the client is fully conscious and may have a lot of trouble with thinking about the process of removing the fat. This can put some people off for life from any sort of non-surgical liposuction aswell, but we implore you to consider the options behind non-invasive lipo.

To begin with, both non-surgical liposuction methods are very cost efficient in comparison to other options. This is because they are a long-term solution and not a quick fix. In other words, regular liposuction is a short-term rapid fat reduction that can be put back on just as fast as it comes out. It requires the client to make a serious lifestyle alteration, and therefore is a pointless exercise. However, 3D lipo and diode laser treatments are regular treatments for a small cost that will give a customer gradual results without the need to go on elaborate diets or gym sessions 6 times a week.

Diode laser treatment does however benefit greatly from exercise immediately after treatment, as the fat cells are broken down from this method but are not completely destroyed. This procedure merely makes the fat cells easier to process and digest, and therefore a lot of exercise is required to make the treatment worth it. In this regard, 3D lipo stands tall, as the ultrasound waves used literally disintergrate fat cells; there is no need to change lifestyle, diet or exercise routines, and so for the money paid 3D lipo is by far the best non-surgical liposuction method on the market.

The Diode and 3D lipo treatments are also far less stressful on the recipient. This is because of the fact that they only require one therapist and the treatment is completely painless and very relaxing infact for the receiver. They both use harmless radio and ultrasound waves emitted from a small machine, and will leave you wondering why regular liposuction was ever considered a viable option for this sort of treatment.

As much as we would rather encourage our customers to live healthy lifestyles and exercise regularly, for some of them it’s just not on the cards. Those with very busy jobs or little spare time because of children cannot always get to the gym as often as they’d like to, and so a one hour 3D lipo treatment every month is not too much of a stretch and does guarantee effort-free results.

If you are looking to pick up 3D liposuction yourself and want to give us a call about it, you can do so by ringing 01895 621 234, or request an appointment/leave us a message here. We are open late on weekdays so make sure you call us and we will assist you in setting up an organised plan to reduce fat and tighten skin to give you the perfect beach body all year round.

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