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Fat reduction without surgery

For many years, the best way to reduce weight extremely fast was through the use of liposuction surgery. Viewed as one of the biggest players in cosmetic surgery in the 80s and 90s, invasive liposuction really set the benchmark for weight loss techniques. Whilst this method may be expensive, it was extremely effective and bore instant results as fat from the body was drained from the source rather than a gradual effort to lose weight over time. For many this was considered a far better option than long-term, as they wanted instant results for their weight problems and don’t care what it takes to achieve their perfect beach bodies for the summer.

However, this extremely outdated method has so many flaws that you shouldn’t have to think twice before saying no to it. For instance, it is common knowledge that liposuction is an invasive method of liposuction, and therefore comes with several innate risks to the client undergoing the surgery. For instance, any type of invasive surgery involves going “under the knife”, and so if anything goes wrong it could lead to massive blood loss if an artery is cut or permanent damage to tissues in the body. This is added to the fact that clients who undergo liposuction surgery will have permanent scarring where cuts were made and the fat was taken out. This can cause massive confidence issues that would match those felt about being overweight, as well as being more self-conscious around a partner.

Generic liposuction is also the incorrect treatment for a lot of customers, as it makes for a very stressful experience and can put some customers into a great deal of shock. It is not often that anybody would be comfortable with being cut into to remove fat, but for some it is too much to bear even if they truly desire the treatment and have the money to do it. Although liposuction surgery bears the best results over a short period of time, there are no long-term benefits and this initial burst of progress does not make it worth going through the surgical process.

The cost above all things is the main reason why people will not undergo liposuction surgery. This is because it costs thousands of pounds from any practitioner of any standard, as several highly qualified surgeons are required to carry out the procedure. Furthermore, general anaesthetic is used as well as a lot of specialist equipment. All of this adds up to one costly procedure as well as a lengthy one, as liposuction can take a few hours to be fully completed. Regardless, it does work to an extent but is easily undone by those customers who don’t make lifestyle alterations after having their fat removed.

Fat reduction without surgery is by far more efficient, and comes in many forms that will be viable depending on the wallet size, free time, consistency of results and the timescale in which the user wants to see results. This could range from other lipo methods to a general change in lifestyle through exercise or diet, and so there is a lot of variety to choose from with several different results.

The cheapest and most desirable option for most of our clients is of course a general improvement in the amount of exercise done (usually through gym membership) and we massively encourage this as well as our own treatments. However, as much as everybody would like to think that going to the gym every day is possible, but for some of our clients it really isn’t the best option. For instance, stay at home mums cannot commit any time at all to being away from their children and being away daily for a given period of time is not just possible. The burden of having to make time for gym visits can be too much, as well as if the person in question has a very demanding job. Working out of hours is sometimes necessary for some of our clients, and so committing to going to the gym with the little spare time that they have can be a real drag. In other words, most of our clients do not attend the gym because they don’t have the time to, where most people would identify this as pure laziness. This is massively incorrect, as a lot of people are willing to put the time in to losing weight if they have it.

The way in which you can have the time to reduce fat and lose weight whilst having a small dent in your wallet is through the non-surgical liposuction treatments. The two main types of fat reduction without surgery are that of 3D liposuction and the diode laser treatment. Both of these methods are very effective and do offer the client a suitable solution that massively outshines liposuction surgery.

Both methods are non-invasive and leave no scarring or damage whatsoever, which is ridiculously beneficial for the parties involved. There is no stress for the patient at all, as both methods are a relaxing process and concentrate on making the client as comfortable as possible whilst still being effective. These treatments are required around once a month and only last about an hour, so they should be easy for customers to fit into their schedules if they are busy a lot of the time.

These two non-surgical liposuction methods are also very cost efficient, as they are only around £80-100 a session and offer a gradual progression towards a weight loss goal. Whilst surgery is a one-off treatment that can easily be undone over the following months. 3D lipo and diode laser treatment will be a long-term solution to a long-term problem. We implore our customers to consider both of these options greatly.

However, there is a clear winner between the two as one sets the benchmark even higher. 3D lipo is the most effective fat reduction without surgery, as it disintegrates the fat cells through ultrasound waves rather than breaking them down and making them more manageable. This means that those who receive the treatment will not need to exercise cardiovascularly post-treatment to see results, which is one of the major flaws with the diode laser treatment. For this reason, 3D lipo is one of the most endorsed treatments at our salon, and we recommend it to every single person who wants to lose fat or reduce their weight.

To book your own 3D lipo appointment, simply call us on 01895 621 234, or submit an enquiry here so that we can help you to achieve the results that you want from a fat reduction technique.

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