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Why choose 3D lipo over regular liposuction surgery?

Liposuction surgery is a treatment that has been around for years and guarantees instant fat loss upon completion. As the fat is literally sucked out of the body and disposed of, the client can literally see where the results are coming from and can be assured that the treatment will work. However, this does not mean that it is the most favoured and effective method of weight loss and fat reduction out there. Infact, many different non-invasive treatments have been developed over the last few years to replace lipo surgery, including 3D lipo which is a brand new and innovative treatment that is known to be the “miracle cure” for excessive amounts of fat in the body. This is because the treatment requires no effort, a small amount of time and a low cost, which makes it superior in every way to liposuction surgery.

The only benefit of liposuction vs. 3D lipo is the fact that it is an instant short-term result to a very real long-term problem. Although a client who undergoes this treatment may feel good about themselves for around 2 weeks, they will quickly start putting the weight back on if there isn’t significant effort put into making a lifestyle change post-treatment. Liposuction merely removes fat and has no control over how much food you can consume daily, and so those that have liposuction once may need it again in the future which is very damaging to the body as well as being overly-costly to the client purchasing it. This solution appears to be a get-out-of-jail-free card but is infact a spiralling cycle to a laundry list of other problems.

3D lipo is very different in this regard, as it genuinely does offer a long-term resolution to the problem of gaining weight or excessive fat. The 3D lipo sessions are usually done monthly over a given period of time, and this allows the client to see much more spread and gradual, long-term results that will stick if the treatment is kept up. The fact that 3D lipo is non-invasive makes this painless and non-damaging to the body, and so we implore you to choose us as your number one fat reduction solution if you are having issues with anything such as squeamishness and the risk of a surgery going poorly. Although it is obviously extremely uncommon in liposuction treatment, surgeries can and have resulted in accidental cutting of arteries or other vital parts, and there have even been deaths as a result of the surgery. Granted this is extremely uncommon; would you take the risk over using a superior non-invasive method? It seems a rather strange exercise of integrity to do so, and so make the right decision and stick with 3D lipo to ensure the future of your body rather than the immediate solution.

3D lipo is also considered a better treatment by our clients than regular liposuction as it involves a minimal cost in comparison to the more generic procedure. Liposuction surgery has been known to cost thousands of pounds without even batting an eyelid, and this poses as a huge problem for most of the general public as there are very few who can afford to pay such a sum without deeply cutting into savings. Having a price put on the idea of being thin is completely wrong and we massively sympathise with any customer who wants to have reduced fat but doesn’t like the idea of liposuction. Having to use several practitioners for something that could be a much easier treatment is ludicrous, especially since as previously mentioned it is not a long-term solution and is therefore massively cost inefficient.

This differs from 3D liposuction, as 3D lipo involves several cheap treatments that only use one qualified and professionally trained health and beauty specialist to operate our 3D lipo machine. These treatments only last around an hour and are required monthly vs. the few hours needed for a successful liposuction surgery, and so there is absolutely no reason as a customer why you would even begin to consider liposuction surgery vs. the vastly superior 3D lipo which will change your life forever in terms of the service given and the results that you will get over an extended period of time.

The process of 3D lipo and how the treatment works is also very different to that of liposuction surgery. Whilst the invasive procedure involves cutting into the body and sucking the fat out through a tube (whilst under local anaesthetic, so the patient is still conscious) the process of removing fat from 3D lipo is viewed as much safer and much more efficient. In this treatment, our 3D lipo machine will emit low frequency ultrasound waves from a pad that is passed all over the body. These ultrasound waves are designed to break down and disintergrate fat cells so that they are fully destroyed without having to move them at all. This is of great benefit vs. taking the fat out, as there is no discomfort for the client and they will be able to feel the results as the treatment is happening. It is additionally extremely relaxing to have a 3D lipo session, as we try to make it as sensual and calm of an experience as possible for our clients, and many of them are extremely satisfied with how the procedure is carried out.

The best part about 3D lipo is that there is no real need for a drastic lifestyle change after experiencing the treatments. As they are regular, there is not a dying need for a better diet or more exercise, although we would always recommend it anyway as it is good to lead a healthy life. 3D liposuction surgery is almost like an instant solution and therefore without a long term plan to improve diet and exercise routines it is literally a pointless exercise. With 3D lipo, customer convenience is king and we make sure that you get the most out of the liposuction that we offer you.

If you are considering 3D lipo or would like to recommend a friend or family member, the Tan and Beauty Salon can help you to realise your potential in terms of weight loss and fat reduction. You can contact one of our advisors on 01895 621234 or drop us a appointment request or general enquiry here and we will help you to transform your dreams of a beach body into a very real solution that is cost efficient and superior to any other treatment on the market.

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