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What are the alternatives to liposuction surgery?

Liposuction has been the most common form of fat reduction treatment for years; with many celebrities and members of the public alike spending extortionate amounts of money on having more slender bodies. As we are now so massively driven by the idea of celebrity and looking as thin and elegant as possible, it is very important for a lot of our clients to find a weight loss/fat reduction treatment that works for them. But is surgical liposuction the right option? Is there a better treatment that offers similar results for a lower price, better finish or longer term solution?

We found the answer a long time ago in our 3D lipo fat reduction treatment. It is superior in every way to regular liposuction, and has given us a lot of very satisfied customers. We even include a skin tightening treatment as part of the aftercare to the procedure, since fat reduction will of course leave behind a lot of excess skin. We ensure that all of our customers are absolutely satisfied with the product by catering to their individual needs.

Other alternatives also include the diode laser treatment and general exercise and healthier eating, but neither is quite like 3D lipo. Although the diode laser treatment is very similar besides using radio waves, but there is an issue with the requirement to do rigorous exercise after the process, as the fat cells are merely broken down, when 3D lipo literally destroys them. This is why we only offer 3D lipo, as we feel that customers who choose to have health and beauty treatments do not want the hardships of having to put any extra effort in.

The other option is of course healthy living and plenty of exercise, and we appreciate that this is the most desired option of all. We actively encourage our clients to be healthy, but sometimes regular gym sessions just aren’t on the cards. Parents who need to get home after work or don’t have a lot of spare time often find it difficult to fit the time in for gym sessions. However, our 3D lipo sessions only last around an hour each and are required just once a month to achieve exceptional results. We give you the best of both worlds, with limited effort required and a noticeable long-term goal.

Another major advantage of 3D lipo is that it is incredibly good value for money, especially considering the fact that it is of course a long-term investment. A single liposuction surgery can cost thousands of pounds and be undone in just a few months through a lack of lifestyle change. Short-term fixes are never going to be a good plan, but with several cheap appointments from our professional and dedicated team we should be able to get you the body you are looking for in absolutely no time.

The invasive nature of regular liposuction surgery is another reason why we feel that it is not a viable or desirable option. It goes without saying that a surgical procedure is always going to have risks, even though this particular method concentrates on fat and not any major organs. This is because of the fact that there is still a chance of severing arteries or causing too much blood loss. Unnecessary risks beg the question as to why a patient wouldn’t choose 3D lipo, but it has been known to happen. This is also added to by the fact that scarring is permanent with this kind of surgery. This can cause even more problems with confidence in ones body than the post operation body did, especially between partners. 3D lipo gives our clients the freedom of having their dream figure without any hiccups whatsoever.

The process itself is very relaxing, painless and does not involve the use of any anaesthetic, invasive surgery or an extortionate amount of surgeons. You are just one-on-one with one of our professionally qualified beauty specialists, who are more than capable of operating our special 3D lipo machine. This device uses low frequency ultrasound waves to break down and disintergrate fat cells, resulting in overall fat reduction for whichever area of the body you would like focusing on. This can be anything from the tummy to excessive cellulite, and will always give you a good result.

After this treatment has been completed, we will then move on to Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, which gives your fat-reduced body a skinnier look by tightening the skin in the area with the fat removed. This is so that our customers don’t have flabby pieces of skin hanging off them, and instead gives a nice flat surface.

Our treatments usually come in around 8-10 appointments, with more if any of ours patients feel that they want to accelerate their weight loss. To enquire about our services please ring 01895 621 234, or you can submit an enquiry form on our contact us page. Any questions you may have we will be able to answer, and if you are already convinced and want to book an appointment you can also click here. Make your perfect body dreams come true with The Tan and Beauty Salon, and make sure to browse our other range of health and beauty treatments aswell.

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