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3D Liposuction in Wembley

Most of our customers that we speak to say they were massively put off by other fat reduction methods before finding us. The problem that a lot of people have is that they do not have money for expensive surgeries or don’t have the time to put into the free/cheaper methods (for example improving diet or regularly attending a gym). Losing weight or reducing fat seems to be a major inconvenience to most both financially and time-wise, and it makes it very difficult for those with weight problems to deal with them effectively without leading to unhappiness.

However, there is a solution that we deem to be the greatest piece of innovation for years in the health and beauty industry: get yourself some 3D liposuction in Wembley. This treatment has every advantage and is superior to other treatments in some way or other. When compared to regular liposuction, this literally looks like a miracle treatment, and shock horror it is. With no downsides at all 3D liposuction in Wembley will leave you feeling happier about your body and even happier about the amount of money still left in your purse.

The main advantages that 3D liposuction has on other alternatives are:

  • Good value for money
  • Low cost per treatment
  • Short sessions
  • Less surgeons/staff required
  • No stress from anaesthetics or going “under the knife”
  • No lasting after-effects (e.g. scarring)
  • No excessive effort or time put into achieving results.
  • Long-term solution

The value and cost of this treatment are what make it so ridiculous when compared to everything else. Our 1 hour sessions are only required around once a month, but will achieve huge results over time if kept consistent. The process of using low frequency ultrasound waves breaks down and also completely disintegrates the fat cells, which is absolutely painless and leaves the client feeling extremely relaxed. Regular liposuction surgery can cost thousands of pounds for consumers, but with our programme we only charge around £80 a session, and since this is spread over annual periods you should start to see results very quickly.

The length of a session is also important because it allows our customers to fit 3D lipo into their routines. A lengthy surgery or regular visits to the gym can be massively time-consuming, especially if the client has a very demanding job or young children at home. This also comes under the category of excessive effort or time, as not only does going to the gym take time, it can also be a big energy drain for doing other things in the day such as entertaining a young family or producing work efficiently in the workplace. 3D lipo is not exhausting and does not have varied results, and so it is a safe bet with a guaranteed outcome rather than a process dependant on regularity of gym visits or slips in dieting.

Another huge influence on customers when considering liposuction is the idea of going “under the knife”. The stress for some people can be too much to bear, unsurprisingly as having fat sucked out of you through a tube is not something many would consider to be the best option, and the anguish doesn’t end there. Invasive surgeries hold many risks with concerns to the patient’s wellbeing, as one incorrect move could result in a serious injury such as a severed artery or blood loss. As the patient is only under local anaesthesia unless paying a lot of extra money, this treatment is not viable for anyone who is extremely squeamish. 3D liposuction in Wembley gives our clients piece of mind

The after-effects of surgery are also a major issue for all clients who undertake it. Permanent scarring is a terribly high price to pay for a relatively fat-free body, especially when there are so many alternatives out there. 3D lipo requires no invasion at all and has no strange after-effects, it is purely a process that breaks down and disintegrates fat cells. For something that costs a lot less and is painless for the patient, there couldn’t be anything better.

The long-term benefits of 3D liposuction in Wembley are also apparent. Where liposuction surgery is a huge burst of weight loss, one treatment can easily be done by leading a similar lifestyle and not changing. 3D lipo differs from this in the fact that treatments are massively spread out and low-cost, giving the user an eventual goal to their exploits. The fat reduction is guaranteed, and requires no additional exercise or effort (although we do of course recommend living a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating).

Ultimately, 3D lipo is the best form of liposuction treatment for you if you are living in the Wembley area. We are based a few miles away in Ruislip, and are here to satisfy your every need from our health and beauty treatments. If you would like to book an appointment at the Tan and Beauty Salon you can call us on 01895 621 234, or submit an enquiry form here for more information on our full range of products. We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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