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3D liposuction in Northwest London

3D liposuction has been one of the biggest players in the fat reduction industry over the past few years, as these services offers customers a differing product to that of other methods of weight loss such as regular liposuction or exercise/improved dieting. But why has this happened? Why do consumers who look to lose weight feel that 3D lipo is so much better than every other option, and is it infact the best option in every instance? This article will delve into the liposuction industry (specifically in the North-west London area) and try to assess why customers are so willing to back 3D lipo rather than the other alternatives out there by collaborating all the advantages and disadvantages of every weight loss method out there including that of 3D lipo. This information will lead to a conclusion that will state and describe why 3D lipo is superior to every other form of weight loss method in the eyes of the customer and those who provide the product themselves, including us at the Tan and Beauty Salon.

The first thing that it is probably best to do in this situation is to start out by giving all of the other options besides 3D lipo and explaining their main strengths and flaws, followed by and explanation of why 3D lipo doesn’t have any of these issues. In order to do this, it would probably be ideal to start with regular liposuction surgery, as for many years customers have turned their noses up at it and identified major flaws in the practice after better alternatives came about in the market. Around 20-30 years ago liposuction surgery would have been regarded one of the greatest innovations out there, but since then there have been so many developments in the field that the treatment has become completely obsolete and might as well be scrapped completely as there is just no reason to have it anymore.

Before considering any other factors as to why you shouldn’t go for liposuction surgery (which are vast) you only need to take one look at the cost of the treatment and you will be automatically put off or unable to undergo the treatment. This is because of the fact that liposuction can easily cost thousands or tens of thousands of pounds, which does not bode well at all with any customer that has a limited budget and cannot afford to pay such a bulk sum. Only employees with high disposable income or quite a bit of savings will even be able to consider this treatment, making it a lot less desirable from the offset without thinking about anything else. The procedure is so expensive from the need for a lot of experienced surgeons to carry out the procedure as well as other things such as expensive tools and a local anaesthetic. If the patient would like to be put under a general anaesthetic this will cost even more money as it is more expensive and requires extra care from the surgeons since the patient is not conscious and will not react to pain very quickly.

The second and most obvious issue with liposuction surgery is the invasive nature of the whole thing, as it is obviously better to not have to go under the knife than to do so. There are many risks involved with invasive surgeries as well as it being extremely stressful for the person in question, and so many will not consider liposuction surgery because they don’t want to undergo the surgical aspect of the treatment. If a client was to have an artery cut by accident or was to have some sort of internal bleeding from the procedure it is very dangerous to the client’s life. Furthermore, the idea of invasive surgery itself can cause some customers to get extremely panicky and scared and not bother going ahead with the surgery because of this. Finally, one of the biggest issues that people have with invasive surgery is the scarring that will indefinitely get left behind once the procedure is completed. Scarring from being cut into is unavoidable and is there for life, and so some customers will become extremely self-conscious about their bodies even when they are thin as they can’t show off since the scarring will show, and so this makes liposuction a pointless exercise as it cures one aspect of self-confidence but cripples another and creates a new problem to be worried about. In all, liposuction surgery is not cost efficient, is dangerous and can cause permanent scarring. The only real advantage of it is that it achieves an instant result of a decent amount of weight loss, but this in itself is also a weakness. A customer wants a gradual long-term solution so that they can continue to keep the weight off, and this just isn’t possible with liposuction surgery. Infact, most who undergo the surgery will not adjust their lifestyle choice and put the weight back on straight away anyway which is obviously not good at all. This is why there are other options now developed to replace liposuction surgery as it is a dying trade and should not even be considered in the decision of which weight loss option to go for any more.

Finally, the other overwhelming problem with liposuction surgery is the amount of time it will take out of your day vs. alternative treatments, as well as the whole short-term benefit aspect of the treatment. Other treatments yield much better results and aren’t easily irreversible, whereas liposuction surgery causes a laundry list of problems with concern to the amount of time that it can take for a client to put the fat back on that they had removed. Liposuction surgery requires a massive lifestyle change post-treatment to see any real benefit, which is hard for some people as going cold turkey after eating so much throughout the day will not only be difficult in terms of food cravings but will also lower the morale and the self-esteem of the person in question. As with other addictive substances such as cigarettes and alcohol there are many symptoms to suddenly cutting down on food and calories by an exponential amount. The person in question may have a lot of trouble adapting and be really very depressed for months on end before becoming accustomed to the change, and I ask whether all of this pain and anguish is worth it when compared to weight loss methods that do not have such high demands for dietary changes or rigorous exercise, and so in this regard liposuction surgery once again falls short. Furthermore, these surgeries can take several hours which takes a lot of time out a person’s day just for a non long-term solution.

Because it has been indefinitely proven that liposuction surgery is completely the wrong option for most customers it is time to move on to different sources of fat reduction and weight loss. There are many out there all varying in success rate, cost and effort factors but all of them I would absolutely consider all of them to be 10 times better than liposuction surgery for the various advantages that they have. Liposuction surgery is just straight up an inefficient treatment, as it costs a lot of money, endangers the client in question and also is not even a long-term and guaranteed solution, which makes the whole exercise of going through the lipo surgery process very daunting and unappealing to those who want to lose weight and reduce fat, especially with so many superior alternatives in the market.

The simplest way that a person can lose weight or reduce fat is probably one of the simplest to explain: the general increase in exercise and improved diet. Although this is not necessarily a “treatment” and doesn’t involve instant fat reduction these tactics are still considered one of the best ways to lose weight yourself. This could be through gym membership, jogging or even exercising and weights that you do at home, and so there is a lot of variety to what you can do to lose weight cardiovascularly and through a lifestyle change rather than a process-based change that cuts corners. The idea of doing everything yourself and having to work hard is extremely gratifying, as something that you do for yourself and by yourself without any help or shortcuts makes a person feel a whole lot better about their achievements. Anybody can undergo liposuction surgery for instant effort-free results, but it takes a committed person to change their way of life in order to acquire what they need from a weight loss strategy. If a person doesn’t fully push themselves to do what they want to do with this method they won’t achieve anything, and so you really need to go above and beyond to get amazing results and give yourself the perfect beach body that you’ve always wanted.

However, as with other methods there are always going to be flaws with exercising and improving diet, although they may not be as serious as those of liposuction surgery since the process is 100% natural, does not involve invasive surgery and does not have substantial costs. As much as I would suggest that you as customers regularly exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, it is sometimes harder than can be anticipated to do so and commit to doing so on a regular basis. There can be things that get in the way of somebody exercising that outsiders would see as laziness or lack of motivation, but for the parties who are actually involved in the weight loss process they have a very different perspective and opinion on how difficult it is to lose weight and reduce fat as well as putting the time aside to do it. It can be regarded as a relatively common excuse for people to say they don’t have time to go to the gym, and for some this is just an excuse (usually those that work shorter hours or are currently unemployed, and even at the weekends this is nowhere near an excuse without a booked calendar).

However, since some people are very different and hard-working not everybody who says they have no time to go to the gym is making excuses. Infact, most people that cannot attend the gym do it for very good reasons that will usually get shunned to one side if somebody feels that their opinion is more valuable and that they never have an issue going to the gym. Not everybody has a lot of spare time and therefore some will choose to undergo other activities rather than committing themselves to daily gym time, and so the following points are the main reasons why some consumers and aspiring fat-burners cannot always attend the gym.

The first and foremost reason for people not going to the gym is the fact that they are genuinely too busy to go. This is usually common with high-end businesspeople or those with extremely long hours in the weekdays, as they are less likely to have the time to take out of their day to go to the gym whether they want to or not. If a person usually gets home from work at 9pm at night and has to be up at 7:30am to get ready for work again this only allows for an extremely limited amount of spare time in comparison to those who work less hours or do not currently have a job at all. Ones spare time is precious as it is and having this taken away from you can lead to some serious repercussions for the person involved. Working a stressful or very demanding job requires the brain and body to have some relaxation time, and to have half of this time dedicated to going to the gym and once again putting the body through additional torment seems massively counterproductive. I would suggest that a better method of doing this is to exercise at home as regularly as possible, or potentially doing so in the mornings before work as this does not really dig into spare time as much as other things. Without this refuel opportunity in the evenings people in stressful jobs may have a tendency to be sent over the edge and become extremely unproductive at work as well as going into a deep state of depression, and so if going to the gym is going to affect your mental health I can completely understand and appreciate why some people feel that they cant do it. For weekends there is less of an excuse as there is a lot more relaxing time, but I commend and applaud those that work long hours and still muster the enthusiasm to go to the gym or do some sort of cardiovascular exercise as it is hard work and should not have a nose turned up at it. Considering some people are not enthused to go to the gym with all the spare time in the world it does reflect well on those that manage it often with full time jobs, and so hats off to the people the can do this and not get extremely irritated with the concept of having no relaxation or alone time.

Another issue that makes it harder to have spare time to go to the gym is that of being a housewife/househusband or having children in general even if you work. Children make up a large portion of our lives and keep us extremely busy, monopolising our spare time and constantly being an inconvenience to certain aspects of our lives. For instance, any sort of children under a certain age cannot be left alone at home for extended periods of time so that parents can do things for themselves in the daytime or evenings. If a parent has a full time job that ends at 4-5 o’ clock, they have to rush home to look after and be there for their children rather than being able to do the things that they want to do purely to ensure that they are safe. Considering this is also around dinnertime there is no compromise for people who work and they cannot take an hour out of their day to go to the gym straight after work, making it far less appealing to do later on after having to look after and sort out children once again. Going to exercise in the late evening is also a disadvantage as it means that once again as with a demanding job the relaxation time in the evenings is lost, sometimes leading to a struggle to keep in touch with ones sanity which is not healthy in a family environment. Snapping at children for meaningless things is not something any parent will want to do, and so it is of the upmost importance that the parties involved in a particular field ensure that they make room for their alone time in the evenings. The problem with this is that once again it means that parents need to be up at ridiculous hours of the morning to potentially go to the gym, and even then it may mean additional car journeys and time used because children may need to be taken on a school run. Essentially fitting exercise time around a busy lifestyle can be a nightmare and this is why many opt to just not bother or look for a different alternative. This is not something that anybody should have to deal with and I sympathise completely, as the desire to do something and the inability to actually do it can be so frustrating at times and would drive me insane.

Another issue with having children (especially very young children) as a housewife/househusband is that these kids need even more care and attention than those of older ones that just need you to be in the house when they are. As young infants are extremely unpredictable and can turn in mood at the slightest thing it makes it very difficult for a parent to plan and give themselves enough spare time to be able to do things. Whilst the gym is obviously not possible at all somebody may be able to complete an exercise video or cardio work at home without having to leave a baby, but this may result in several interruptions from hunger or pining if the child is unwilling to nap or remain unentertained for a short period of time. Parents are literally full-on working all day and kept up all night by a baby, which leads them to potentially get even more stressed when having to exercise every other day depending on how much weight/fat that they want to reduce. It is not recommended or healthy for a person to have to deal with stress full on every day, and so I would suggest that if you lead a hectic lifestyle with other commitments and don’t have that much spare time then you should consider other options that may not take such a huge dent into your life. The same is also true for dietary changes especially with a family, as once again cooking two meals is an issue if you need to make something specific for fussy eaters, although if you can convince the rest of your family to also eat extremely healthily this would be a great tactic as you can improve the lifestyle of all of your family and hopefully all have some sort of fat reduction from the lack of junk food and fatty/high carb items being eaten. This would be best coupled with a decent amount of exercise, but as shown above we can clearly see that this is not always possible.

The solution to the exercise timescale issue is simpler than it seems to must people: and this is that there are simply ways of reducing fat that do not include invasive surgery or a massive investment of time. This may seem like a miracle to most but to some health and beauty companies this is just another day on the job and is very customary to a whole lot of the clients that they work with as the treatments are just that good. There are two predominant non-invasive types of liposuction that are currently considered by experts and customers to be the very best in fat reduction innovation in the past few years, and are due to be the most efficient methods for many years to come. As there are no drawbacks or downsides to both of these treatments when compared to regular liposuction surgery it should not even be a decision as to whether or not you go for a non-invasive lipo or surgical lipo treatment, so read on to find out more about both of the wonderful lipo methods that are on offer to the public.

The first and slightly inferior form of non-surgical fat reduction to be carried out in health and beauty clinics is that of the Diode Laser treatment. This form of fat reduction involves the use of a particular frequency of radio waves which break down the fat cells in the body into a more manageable form. The machine itself is just a radio wave emitter and can be applied directly to the fatty areas without any sort of protection or risk to the client, as the radio waves are not dangerous and merely break down the fat cells only so that the body can process them more easily and help the client to lose weight. This method is absolutely essential and greatly appreciated by any customers that wish to lose weight very quickly, and the treatment itself only takes around an hour and is necessary every month or so, and so it doesn’t even dig into ones spare time as liposuction surgery or regular gym visits would. In all, this treatment offers customers a convenient pain-free treatment that allows for a lot of spare time to be spent with kids or families rather than out of the house. Spare time doesn’t need to be eaten into and so it gives clients more control and freedom over their futures and the outcome of their daily exploits rather than having to work around their own lives to commit to something.

One of the top advantages of the Diode Laser treatment is the cost that is involved. Gym membership/healthy eating/dietary pills can cost a lot of money as well as requiring a reasonable amount of effort. This amount of money spend is even more when going through liposuction surgery as it is done in a lump sum for just one treatment, which is ludicrous. However, with monthly spread treatments with gradual long-term results diode laser fat removal and reduction is a by far more efficient method, with cost efficiency over time vs. results that rivals most other weight loss and fat reduction methods in the market. Most of these sessions will only set you back about £80-100 per one hour visit, and the results achieved from each and every visit can be astonishing to friends, family and yourself. This can all be done in a matter of months with the right motivation and commitment to the treatment without many massive lifestyle changes, and so those that lead busy lifestyles can effortlessly improve their weight and body fat ratio in order to gain self-confidence and a greater overall body shape to show off to their friends, family and any potential suitors that they may find externally.

However, as much as diode laser treatment is brilliant there are a couple of major flaws which make the final treatment slightly more superior. Diode laser fat reduction is a big problem for some because this treatment merely breaks down fat cells so that they can be digested or dealt with better by the body. However, this means that the client who has just undergone the treatment must immediately do a certain amount of cardiovascular exercise to see any results at all. This does not bode well for those customers who have specifically paid to stop their spare time being cut into and less effort to be put into losing weight, and so the fact that results aren’t guaranteed and require cardio after treatment does put a lot of potential clients off from the procedure. Furthermore, it is also regarded as being an inferior treatment to other lipo methods as there is no way of dealing with the excess skin created involved in most packages. Skin tightening is extremely important with regards to giving a person self-confidence after losing the weight especially around a partner (sort of similar to scarring from liposuction surgery) and therefore it is worth shopping for a final alternative for a skin tightening treatment involved in the process.

This is where 3D lipo comes in, which to us is the best treatment out there and therefore is one that we offer at our London-based tan, beauty and therapy centre. 3D lipo is the greatest treatment for fat reduction to date, and far outshines anything else that you could imagine for weight loss in almost every way for each individual one. As a complete product 3D lipo is exactly what you are looking for, and if you are based in the Northwest London area 3D liposuction is exactly what you need to give you your perfect beach body and make you feel amazing about yourself all year round without any negative repercussions. As 3D liposuction is available with the Tan and Beauty Salon and is local to you in the Northwest of London you should definitely look to purchase or at least consider purchasing a treatment with us as soon as possible so that we can show you how proficient we are in giving our customers everything they need from us without any downsides at all.

3D lipo has pretty much all the features that Diode laser treatment has: a short one hour session, a massively cost-efficient monthly plan for a certain period of time as well as being completely safe and non-invasive. 3D lipo also has the ability to provide a customer with a sensual and non-stressful experience that will leave no scarring or excess skin, as the procedure that we offer automatically offers an after-treatment known as Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, in which a certain frequency of radio wave is used to tighten the skin post-treatment leaving a flat surface in which most people wouldn’t even be able to tell if you had fat reduction treatment or not as you would look so natural after having the skin tightened to look normal again. This gives 3D lipo a leg-up on diode laser treatment providing a superior treatment.

The second and final advantage that 3D lipo has over the diode laser treatment is that it does not just break down fat cells and inconvenience the consumer from having to do exercise after making an effort to get a guaranteed and quick treatment. The adding bonus of the 3D lipo treatment is that the ultrasound waves used in the process actually disintergrate the fat cells completely rather than just breaking them down, which gives our clients guaranteed and effortless results for a very good price. Furthermore, it is customary for us to provide clients with annual plans to get them where they need to be and constant support in whatever they need, as well as our highly trained and professional staff who take great pleasure in giving you an excellent treatment for excess fat without any hassle whatsoever. Essentially, this cost efficient and effective strategy will have you wondering why you never considered it before and so be sure to contact our sales team and see what we can do for you to bring your dreams to life with regards to 3D liposuction.

If you would like to book an appointment, consultation or just have a chat about the products we sell you can do so by calling our main line on 01895 621 234 and asking a member of our sales team about any of the above queries. Furthermore, you can also choose to submit an enquiry form here if you would prefer and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can and make your dream body into an actual end goal rather than something you just think and fanaticise about on a daily basis.

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