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3D Liposuction in Eastcote

3D liposuction has started massively overtaking the lipo market over the past couple of years, and is becoming ever more popular every month. This treatment is set to revolutionise weight loss and fat reduction in the UK and across the world. The question many consumers will be asking is why the treatment is so good, and why is it better than the other alternatives? (For example regular liposuction which has been around for several years). These questions and more will be addressed throughout this article, outlining the other options and why 3D lipo massively outshines them all so that those in the Harrow area can get 3D liposuction in Eastcote.

The first criterion on most people’s agenda for fat reduction surgery is whether or not the procedure is invasive or not. The reason why this is important is because invasive surgeries are just worse in every possible sense. The risk of having your body cut into is a lot more than if it isn’t, and so guaranteed safety is an issue. Furthermore, invasive surgeries can be quite stressful for the patient, especially since the procedure is usually under local anaesthesia. This is the biggest reason why some people will go without lipo surgeries even if they want to, purely for the fact that they don’t want to go “under the knife”.

Another distinct disadvantage of liposuctions invasive method is that it can leave significant scarring. The kinds of cuts that need to be made to remove fat are quite large and will indefinitely result in permanent scarring. This is a pretty big price to pay for weight loss when there are so many non-invasive alternatives, and so we highly recommend that you read up on the other options before considering regular liposuction surgery. These other methods include Diode Laser treatment, our 3D lipo solution and of course dieting, healthy eating and exercise. They leave the body intact and have no risks, and so are much more viable options.

The second constraining factor that makes having fat reduction treatment so difficult is that of the cost. Extortionate pricing has always been associated with the more generic liposuction surgery, which is correct as the amount of preparation, surgeons and anaesthetics that are involved with the surgery make it cost thousands of pounds without question. Considering the amount of time that the process takes this is not surprising, and is a huge waste of money for a product that frankly is inferior to every other method anyway.

Healthy eating and improving diet has little to no cost, as all it changes is what the consumer buys in their food shops and potentially gym membership too. However, there are quite a few disadvantages to this method of weight loss. This is namely the fact that not everybody has the time to put the effort into losing weight. It is not always possible or ideal for those who work 40+ hour weeks to go to the gym after work every day, with reduced spare time or if they have children that they need to look after. Additionally, in a busy household changing ones diet around what everybody else eats can be quite stressful. Every person’s ideal situation is to lose weight through exercise and eating well, but sometimes it just isn’t on the cards and another alternative is necessary.

For instance, both diode laser and 3D lipo treatments are non-invasive procedures and both result in very simple fat reduction. Additionally, both procedures are much more cost efficient than the aforementioned liposuction surgery, as they come in several small cheap treatments that will not break the bank. The fact that these two treatments are cheaper than liposuction let alone all the other factors should be enough for customers to not have a difficult decision. These two products are about the same price and are similar in many ways, and so it is important to find out which treatment is superior for the end product.

The length of time to achieve results varies with each product, as does the after-treatment effort required to see better results. For instance, in terms of instantaneous fat reduction liposuction surgery is actually the best option. The fat is completely removed from the body immediately, leaving customers feeling good about them instantly. This, however, is a poor trade-off when considering everything else, and so the treatment still isn’t viable. It also isn’t a long-term solution, as it is very easy for the patient to just put the weight back on again immediately after finishing surgery. Regular treatments are far more effective and clients can see gradual results.

For the previously mentioned reasons, exercise is also a less viable option. This is a solution without guaranteed results, as it is very easy for the client to choose not to go to the gym even with membership. This process requires will power and commitment, which not every client can offer. Again, in an ideal world exercise would be perfect but there are too many varying factors that make results unpredictable, such as stable, healthy eating or a diet.

The battle for the most superior form of liposuction in Eastcote will definitely be between 3D liposuction in Eastcote and Diode laser treatment. They both have a very similar process, type of treatment and length of time for results. They are also both non-invasive and relatively cost efficient. The only thing that makes 3D liposuction in Eastcote better than the diode laser treatment is the fact that 3D liposuction literally destroys and disintegrates fat cells. This means that there is no additional effort needed post-treatment, making results guaranteed regardless of any external factors. Diode laser treatment differs from this, as it breaks down the fat cells but doesn’t get rid of them. Therefore, customers must go through rigorous exercise after treatment in order to fully get rid of and process the fat cells. This can be time consuming and a lot of effort for a customer who may want instant results, and so 3D liposuction is considered the best treatment in Eastcote and the surrounding areas.

If you would like to have 3D liposuction in Eastcote or other villages around the place, you can contact our team on 01895 621 234, or drop us an enquiry here and we will get back to you as soon as possible and help you to realise your fat reduction and weight loss potential.

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