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What is 3D Lipo?

When it comes to weight loss, for some of our clients it can be an issue. Whether it be the lack of motivation or the lack of free time to do it, they are looking for a better alternative that does not require the pain-staking effort of exercising rigorously for months for little to no gain. Although dieting is recommended and will also have an eventual positive effect, it also requires investing a lot of time and holding back from desirable consumable products. The recommended course of action is to look for a form of liposuction that is desirable as a customer.

Unlikely more generic forms of liposuction; 3D lipo is a new more efficient method of fat reduction that requires no surgical intrusion. This is of great interest to clients, as many who consider liposuction are extremely put off by going “under the knife” as it were. This is unsurprising, as the daunting idea of having fat cut and sucked out of the body through an invasive method brings immediate fears of danger and something going wrong. This is coupled with the fact that regular liposuction is extremely expensive, due to several surgeons needing to be present and an anaesthesia being used.

The more affordable and infinitely more enjoyable method of reducing body fat is via 3D lipo. This revolutionary procedure is most importantly non-invasive, and instead is carried out via specialised equipment that aims to reduce fat through the use of ultrasound waves as opposed to literally taking it out of the body via a tube. This method is also considered more effective than its similar counterpart, the Diode Laser, as post-procedural exercise is not necessary in order to make it effective. This is because 3D lipo actually destroys the fat cells, whereas this alternative releases fat into the body that needs to be re-metabolised via exercise.

The 3D lipo treatment that the Tan and Beauty Salon offers is both of high quality and gives excellent customer care and assurance. Our customers can enjoy a painless, relaxing session at our Ruislip clinic in order to achieve their dream beach bodies without the need for surgery. The process itself is extremely scientific, but ultimately lowers body fat ratio without the need for any additional work.

In order to eradicate the fat cells, low frequency ultrasound waves are used to pressure fat cell membranes into disintegrating and disappearing. This is known as Ultrasound Cavitation, and results in the loss of fat. This process is gradual, and requires a few treatments to be fully optimised, but yields fantastic results for the customer. As well as fat reduction in the stomach areas, this method will also reduce problems with cellulite, which is of great benefit to consumers.

As well as offering our initial 3D lipo procedure, we also include a wrinkle removal treatment with the package. Via the practice of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatment, our professionally trained staff members use Focus Fractional RF Energy to increase the production of collagen in the skin. This results in skin layers becoming tighter, leading to skin feeling silky smooth and looking more youthful.

If you would like to contact our team to find more information about our services, or to book yourself an appointment that could turn your life around, give us a quick call today on 01895 621 234, or submit an enquiry form via out website where we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs.

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