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3D Lipo: the time saving weight loss programme

A large majority of our clients at the Tan and Beauty Salon have issues when it comes to weight loss. This is not usually out of laziness or inability to do exercise, but more that it is sometimes hard to fit relentless weight loss techniques around a busy working lifestyle, as well as looking after children full-time. However, there is a simple solution that shows immediate results.

3D lipo is an alternative version of regular liposuction techniques, that is one of the few considered as “no pain all gain”. This is because of the fact that it has all the advantages of regular liposuction, without any of the downsides or constraints. It also doesn’t require the rigorous exercise needed for natural weight loss techniques, and so is fast becoming the most popular fat reductions strategy in the UK, and even the world.

The first and foremost reason to purchase 3D lipo work is that the ever-influential decay of time will not be an issue. Our extremely brief, extremely effective 3d lipo sessions are only required for a short period of time every few months, with immediate results. This differs to regular liposuction, in which not only is there a long-winded procedure itself, there is also a recovery period which can affect the client’s everyday life.

Another reason why most of our customers do not even consider the other option of conventional liposuction surgery is that it can be extremely dangerous, twinned with the fact that after-effects such as scarring have a serious impact on image and self-confidence. However, the non-invasive 3D lipo method (which instead uses ultrasound waves at a low frequency to disintegrate fat cells) does not require any surgery whatsoever. This also makes the client far more comfortable when having the procedure done, as it is on a more personal level.

Finally, cost can affect most UK citizens, who may not have the sort of budget to pay thousands of pounds for generic liposuction surgery, in which several practitioners must be present. 3D lipo is a one-to-one experience, as the Ultrasound Cavitation machine does all the work itself. At The Tan and Beauty Salon, this also includes a complimentary skin tightening service, to get rid of any excess skin or cellulite that the client may not find appealing. These sessions are also at a much lower rate and can be stretched over time-based periods, leading to fantastic results as well as a reasonable price for our clientele.

If you think that the Tan and Beauty Salon can offer you any professional 3D lipo sessions, or any of our other high-end services, you can contact our advisors on 01895 621234 or arrange a free consultation here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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