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Whilst we remain temporarily closed we are working hard to ensure we reopen with the highest and safest conditions to protect both our clients and employees.

We are registered with London Borough Of Hillingdon with the highest standards of care. On top of this we are introducing a new nationally recognised safety charter. We plan to share details of this with you over the coming weeks.

We are very grateful for your support and appreciate you are keen to know when we plan to reopen. In the current uncertainty we kindly ask you to await a confirmed date before we rebook your appointment.

Please be assured we are committed to resuming your personal journey with us soon as it is safe to do so.

When we all stay in touch it makes things that little bit easier, so please follow us on social media to keep up to date with all the latest news as well as lots of helpful tips and advice.

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3D Lipo in Middlesex

Are you a hard-working citizen of the Middlesex area? Do you wish for a perfect beach body but don’t have the time to commit to weight loss? You may just be in luck, as the Tan and Beauty Salon can offer a fat reduction service without the downside of any inconveniences associated with other methods.

Our professional beauty therapy centre based in Ruislip is one of the few providers of 3D lipo in the area. Superior in every possible way to other treatments, 3D lipo is taking the health and beauty industry by storm, known for having none of the regular liposuction downsides such as invasive methods, excess cost and overall stress to the client.

3D lipo itself is carried out using low-frequency ultrasound waves to break down fat cell membranes and eventually disintegrate them into nothing. This process is painless, quick and extremely relaxing for both the client and practitioner. The lack of surgical incision makes for a much smoother transition from fatty to fat-free, especially since there is no need for a local anaesthetic when not going “under the knife”.

Another treatment that 3D liposuction trumps is that of the Diode Laser treatment, in which clients must do rigorous exercise immediately after treatment in order for the process to become viable, as the fat cells are merely broken down into a form that requires cardiovascular exercise to be destroyed. The whole point of having work like this done is for those that do not have the time or are incapable of doing exercise to reduce fat, and so this method doesn’t make sense.

At the Tan and Beauty Salon, we offer 3D lipo treatments with the latest technology and the very best practitioners. We additionally provide a complimentary skin tightening/cellulite reduction product with our 3D lipo, so that fat reduced skin can look silky smooth, resulting in the perfect body for our clients.

If you are from the Middlesex area and would like a simple solution to excessive weight without any hardships or effort whatsoever, make sure to give the Tan and Beauty Salon a ring on 01895 621 234, and our professionally trained health and beauty staff would be more than happy to book an appointment for you or provide more information on any of the products that we offer. Alternatively we have an enquiries form on our site here, so make sure to ask us any questions you may have on any of our product range.

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