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3D Lipo: The latest in fat reduction technology

Are you struggling to lose weight because of lack of spare time? Are you looking for a simple solution without the need for surgical treatment or rigorous exercise? 3D lipo is fast becoming the top contender when it comes to fat loss and reduction in the UK and across the world, and so we advise you to make sure that you consider this treatment before making rash decisions on other alternatives.

3D lipo is one of the most innovative far reduction techniques ever developed. It trumps daily gym routines, general liposuction methods and diode laser fat reduction without even breaking a sweat. All the other methods either require free time, exercise or being brave enough to go “under the knife” whereas 3D lipo merely requires a customer wanting to shed some fat.

This revolutionary new process known as “Ultrasound Cavitation” involves the use of a low-frequency ultrasound machine that is designed to eliminate fat cells completely. Firstly, the patient will have their skin drawn up, and then have ultrasound waves disintegrate the fat cell membranes until the cells themselves begin to break down and disappear. This can all be done without any invasive (surgical) practice, and is painless for the client, making the entire process as relaxing and non-stressful as possible. The best thing about this method is that the fat cells quite literally disintegrate, and so there is no need for any input at all from the client.

In comparison to the other methods, it is clear why 3D lipo is becoming so popular. For instance, “old school” liposuction is a scary concept for most of the general public. Having their skin cut open is not really the ideal situation, in addition to the requirement of several extra practitioners and a local anaesthesia. This process is also considerably more expensive due to the amount of staff involved, and so 3D lipo is literally more efficient in every way.

One of the biggest issues with exercising to lose weight is that

  • It takes a considerable amount of time
  • It also requires a balanced diet
  • Results are not completely guaranteed depending on metabolism
  • For people with full time jobs, the spare time is hard to come by

Although exercising is the ideal situation, the results are varied and the effort needed to lose enough fat is considerable. This is inferior to the 3D lipo technique, as in this case results are guaranteed and appointments can be made to fit around the client’s life, not the other way around.

Finally, a vaguely similar yet still lesser treatment is that of Diode Laser Therapy. As opposed to disintegrating fat cells, the diode merely breaks them down into a form in which exercise immediately after treatment will get rid of this fat. Whilst it is an effective method, once again the fact that extra work is needed makes it menial.

If you are interested in our 3D lipo services, or would like to book an appointment/get more information on any of our other services you can contact us via our website here, or by telephone on 01895 621234.

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