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3D Lipo Ickenham

Ickenham is a quaint little suburban village in the London Borough of Hillingdon, well known for being a wonderful place to live. However, most residents have to commute into London for work, leading to a lack of downtime to carry out certain activities, especially if evening routine also involves coming home to look after kids. Desirable pastimes such as regular exercise and keeping in shape become a thing of the past, and lead to some residents having real problems with weight gain and excess fat.

There is a solution to this problem. Rather than pain-staking hours of free time put into weight-loss programmes, the Tan and Beauty Salon is offering customers the opportunity to undergo 3D lipo: a liposuction technique that not only is time efficient, but also cost effective. When most people think of lipo procedures they think of thousands of pounds being poured into unnecessary surgery. However, as 3D lipo is considerably cheaper and superior in every way, it is worth our clients looking into when finding the solutions to their problems.

Firstly, many UK residents in general are terrified of going “under the knife” in the interest of fat reduction. This is not only because having surgery done on yourself is scary and extremely risky, but also because surgery can leave significant scarring for years to come. The need for local anaesthesia and several qualified surgeons is also rather daunting. This differs from the much simpler method of 3D lipo, as 3D lipo is a non-invasive procedure that merely requires one of our professional practitioners, a 3D lipo machine and a canvas of skin to reduce fat from. They are with you every step of the way, and the lack of unconsciousness also gives room for cheerful conversation.

The 3D lipo process itself, also known as “Ultrasound Cavitation” involves the use of non-harmful low frequency ultrasound waves to eliminate fat cell membranes, which in turn causes the rest of the cell to disintegrate and be naturally processed by the body. This is the most organic form of weight loss in terms of a procedure, and is highly recommended when compared to the usual extraction of fat from the body in regular liposuction.

The 3D lipo method is also known for being superior to a similar Diode Laser treatment, in which cells are also broken up but not fully destroyed. In this instance fat cells are transformed back into their processable state, meaning that customers will still need to do exercise after the treatment has been carried out. This does not bode well with those customers with no time on their hands, and so we would suggest that the 3D lipo that we offer is the better option.

If you would like to book some 3D lipo treatments in the near future, or need some more information about these sessions, do not hesitate to ring us on 01895 621 234, or submit a form of interest here, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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