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3D Lipo: the future of weight loss

We as residents of the UK are obsessed with looking good both fashionably and in terms of weight and health. One of the big issues that we have is that it is sometimes hard to find the spare time to concentrate on our fat index, resulting in liposuction becoming a viable option. However, whilst liposuction is a short-term solution to this problem, it does involve dangerous invasive techniques that can cause both scarring and stress for the patient.

The most effective way around this issue is by considering the latest in fat reduction technology: 3D lipo. This innovative new strategy involves the use of ultrasound waves (a non-invasive method) to deal with unwanted fat cells. This provides customers with an unmatched amount of relaxation for such a procedure, as well as being considerably cheaper.

The ultrasound waves produced from the 3D lipo machine are used to target elevated skin in order to break down fat cell membranes. Once the membranes are destroyed, the rest of the cell is forced to disintegrate, whereas usually this fat cell would be processed as a fatty acid in solid form, and would not be dealt with efficiently by the body. The overall procedure itself is known as Ultrasound Cavitation.

The positives to 3D lipo are vast. Not only is it non-invasive and relaxing for the client, it also does not require any additional post-treatment input whatsoever. This makes Ultrasound Cavitation unique when compared to methods such as Diode Laser treatment, as immediate post-procedure exercise is required with this form of liposuction, as fat cells are merely changed to a more manageable form rather than being destroyed completely.

3D lipo is also far cheaper than any other alternative, as well as the added bonus of being the most efficient. The cost involved with having several attendants for a general liposuction surgery as well as that of the anaesthesia is vast in comparison to the gradual process of 3D lipo. A liposuction surgery can also be reversed very quickly, as a one-off fat removal surgery can be counteracted by the client putting on more weight again immediately. 3D lipo, however, involves a series of treatments over an annual period, giving better results every time.

At the Tan and Beauty Salon, our experienced, professional staff have been performing 3D lipo for our clients since it first came to our facility. Additionally, our complimentary aftercare service for this treatment is a skin tightening treatment that involves the use of radio frequencies to encourage the production of collagen in the skin. This also helps to deal with cellulite.

If you are interested in having the perfect beach body all year round, or would like additional information on our extensive range of services, you can call us on 01895 621234, or arrange a free consultation by submitting an enquiry form here. Your pleasure is our desire, and so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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