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Is 3D lipo considered a lazy option?

Liposuction throughout the time of its existence (when it first came into the market as regular liposuction surgery) has been regularly associated with people who are too lazy and stubborn to make the effort to lose weight themselves. This is because of the fact that a lot of people have the time to put into losing weight through a non-demanding job or potentially redundancy. Some people may also have nightshifts and therefore have the time throughout their day to both sleep and spare some time to go to the gym. But could those who have less spare time make room for gym sessions, or are they just not willing to put the effort in to lose weight? In some cases people will find it hard to put the time in, but for others there are genuine reasons why it is difficult to lose weight naturally.

The first problem that makes it hard for some people to naturally shed the pounds is because of a demanding job that requires an employee to work out of hours on most days. Although there may be the odd hour or two in-between sleeping and working, it is very hard for a person to get motivated to go the gym with this little spare time to do what they want. Being on the go for 15+ hours a day is not the ideal situation for anybody and in some cases can cause serious stress and depression among employees. Therefore, it is imperative that those that have long hours and not a lot of down-time have an opportunity in the day to relax. In this case it can cause a lot of snack and comfort eating, and is the reason why some employees will put on ridiculous amounts of weight and feel even more upset about them. In other words, a short hourly 3D lipo treatment every month is the knight in shining armour to save them from having a complete breakdown. This revolutionary treatment doesn’t require any additional effort or dietary changes, and starts being effective instantly after each treatment. This amount of self-confidence boost gives many employees the motivation to carry on their jobs with these excessive hours and makes them more productive overall. Having this ease of use service is not a lazy alternative, it means that they can work even harder through other mediums and still be able to achieve the body that they want and deserve for their hard work.

The second reason why some would want 3D liposuction is because of the fact that a change in diet and exercise schedule can be hard to work around larger families. Stay-at-home housewives/husbands with young children or those that get home and have to look after their kids immediately will find it increasingly difficult to attend the gym, as children (especially younger ones) cannot be left at home alone and require constant care and attention. It is hard to find room to breathe and having a partner who works equally as hard makes it very difficult to work out a schedule for the both of you to work around in which you take it in turns to go the gym throughout the week. This is not an ideal situation, and therefore having 3D lipo treatment makes it a lot easier for people who physically need to look after others a life-changing opportunity to look after their children properly and still be able to achieve a thin and youthful body without additional effort. As with the gym being an issue, changing diet is also a problem when your family has younger children who will likely have unhealthy food at least once a week. Having to cook two separate meals is once again a big stress, especially for those who constantly have to deal with the many problems that come with smaller children that are unpredictable and unprecedented. For this reason 3D lipo is the dream solution to not having spare time and still wanting to keep weight off without being able to actually physically put the time in to losing it yourself.

The final reason why we would not consider 3D lipo a lazy option is that once a person is overweight it is very difficult to stick to a long-term plan to try and solve a problem with weight. For many who are extremely overweight it isn’t even a matter of being able to make a weekly rota, at this point it can be too late to even attempt to try and lose weight. This is extremely demotivating for the person in question, and for this reason it is very easy for very overweight people to slip into the cycle of not trying to lose the weight that they put on and just not caring any more. Once a person is demotivated and depressed to the point where they can’t bring themselves to lose weight, it is a vicious cycle as they are unlikely to lose weight for the rest of their lives and will also comfort eat to try and eliminate the pain of not being able to lose the weight in the first place. This is why you will see shows on the television of people who weight over 40 stone, as they do not know where else to turn and just live in self-loathing rather than getting somebody to assist them.

This is where we at the Tan and Beauty Salon want to help. Our 3D lipo treatments are designed to eliminate the problem at the source so that you as a consumer and a customer are completely happy with your body 100% of the time. If you aren’t satisfied we aren’t satisfied, so if you find it difficult to lose weight alone for whatever reason and would like to arrange a free no-obligation consultation with one of our professionally trained 3D lipo specialists you can do so by contacting us by telephone on 01895 621 234, or submitting an enquiry form here, and we will do what we can to come up with a solution for you through the use of our 3D lipo services. We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcome you to our salon in advance.

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