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3D Lipo: the #1 non-invasive lipo technique

When it comes to liposuction surgery, the idea of having fat surgically removed is extremely daunting to most customers. The scare factor is an issue, but other problems such as the risk of performing surgery itself and years of scarring will also influence customers when considering the prospect of having fat reduction surgery.

There is, however, a method that is quite literally superior in every way. 3D lipo is an extremely fast growing business, in which ancient methods of fat removal are made to look completely archaic.

3D lipo, primarily, is a much safer and more desirable option because of the fact that it does not involve any invasive surgery whatsoever. This practice is carried out entirely on the surface of the skin, and has no strange after-effects as a result of this. There is also no need for any sort of sleep-inducing drugs with this procedure, as there is absolutely no pain or risk given to the client. Our patients being as comfortable as possible is one of our primary goals at the Tan and Beauty Salon, and so we ensure that all of our professionally qualified technicians give our customers the most enjoyable experience possible.

The process itself entails the use of non-harmful low frequency ultrasound waves to break down fat cell membranes, causing them to disintegrate into the blood stream and get processed efficiently by the body. This is very different to a similar non-harmful method known as Diode Laser treatment; however, this alternative method merely breaks down the cells to make the metabolising process easier, whereas 3D lipo requires no after-treatment, it is an instant fix to a very real problem.

3D lipo is also one of the few treatments to be considered absolutely long-term, as several cheap appointments are needed to warrant a fantastic result. Regular liposuction surgery, however, removes fat in one fell swoop, meaning that it is very easy to put on the weight again quite quickly. The Diode treatment also requires exercise post-op, and so once again becomes an arduous activity as opposed to a suitable solution.

Finally, the 3D lipo technique at the Tan and Beauty Salon is far superior to any other form of liposuction, as offered within the package is a skin tightening and cellulite reducing treatment known as the Focus Fractional Radio Frequency technique. This induces the production of additional collagen from the skin fibres, resulting in a tighter, thinner look to compliment the loss of fat.

If you are interested in the services offered at the Tan and Beauty Salon, and would like a free consultation or more information on all of our services, we are available within our working hours via telephone on 01895 621 234, and additionally through our enquiries page here. Don’t let overweightness take over your life, and book in for a life-changing experience today.

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